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Wednesday, 25 September 2013



By using Le Chatlier Apparatus  we can determine the soundness of cement which should not be more than 10 mm when the cement is kept in an air tight container un aerated. Agreed with All above answer generally soundness of cement is a measure of expansion of mortar or concrete due to the presence of excessive free lime & magnesia  in it .  the mortar prepared  is  liable to crack after setting action is complete. 

To perform this test we need  Le - Chatlier apparatus  , Glass plates ,non porous vessel ,balance , heating arrangement and one more thing spirit lamp.

1. take 100 gm of neat cement. 
2.Add water then @.78P to cement & mix it thoroughly for about 3 minutes. 
3. make the cement paste  into a ball & toss it in  hands 5-6 times  to remove any air bubbles .
4. then fill the cement paste in to the mould. 
5. remove extra quantity. 
6. place small weight over the glass plate & submerge whole assmbly in water @ temperature 27 degree C - 32 degree C for 24 Hours. 
7. Take Whole assmbly out of water & measure distance between the tips of pointers & record this distance as the initial reading  say X1 . 
8. Submerge whole assmbly again at same temperature then bring the water to boiling point with in 25-30 minutes. 
9. keep it boiling for 3 hours . 
10. then take mould out and allow to cool. 
11.measure the distance again between the tips of pointers & record this distance as Final Reading Say X2 12. then find Difference  X2-X1
13 repeat this  experiment 3 times & take mean value of 3 results


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